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Pardos Marketing activities

Pardos Marketing is an international, industrial marketing consultancy, located in France, specialized in the plastics industry.

Created in 1979, Pardos Marketing rapidly established a reputation for professional, in-depth analysis of plastics production, converting and downstream applications.

Emphasis is on perspectives of the plastics markets, new products and trends, polymers in competition, to provide recommendations for the best strategy of the client companies.

With the ever increasing flow of information, the tide of numbers to drown into, the first task is to sort, to gather and to analyze only the significant data, in order to extract meaningful patterns and strategic knowledge.

Pardos Marketing focuses on knowledge, not data, with continuous update of information on the plastics industry worldwide. The main problem facing all analysts is that data are now gathered faster than they can be used, making interpretation and intelligence most essential.

Other key features of the Pardos Marketing approach are a thorough technical knowledge of the topics under study, appreciation of the context and scope of individual sectors, a highly developed network of international contacts and tried and tested interview techniques.


The range of studies performed in recent years covers:

Product and market research
Introduction of new products and polymers
Competition and market share analysis
Supply and demand structure, market segmentation
Short, medium and long term forecasting
Diversification feasibility studies

Comparative outlook and strategy of the plastic industry in countries at various stages of plastic development, from fully industrialized to emerging.
Long term development of the plastics industry in medium-size emerging countries

Pricing, sales, distribution analysis
New product positioning and pricing, sales forecasting
Selection and improvement of distribution channels
Price elasticity analysis

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Francoise PardosFrançoise Pardos was trained as an economist, with a MA from Berkeley, University of California, and a doctorate in economics from Paris.

After five years as market research analyst at Kaiser Aluminum, in California, and two years at SEMA, an industrial consultant in Paris, she created Pardos Marketing, an industrial market research consultancy specializing in plastics and plastics applications.


Over 200 studies have been completed in the last fifteen years. The main topics of recent studies cover new developments in plastics packaging, barrier materials, plastics applications in automotive, electrical, building and medical industries, high performance plastics, potential developments of new materials, originally in European markets, and now worldwide.

A world plastics multi-client study covers all plastics, worldwide, commodity, engineering and specialty plastics.

The first volume, on the supply of plastics, is completed and regularly updated. The second volume, on plastic consumption and key applications, and the third volume on the structure and strategies of the converting industries, will be completed in 2008.

A study of plastics films worldwide, published in 2004, is also being updated.